As a school we appreciate the importance of an active, healthy lifestyle and the impact this has upon our student’s academic performances.  We promote Physical Education and extra-curricular activities with a difference, to ensure that all of students are actively engaged.

Mothers and daughters take part in weekly after school PE sessions including table tennis and badminton.  This is an opportunity for both Mother and Daughter to participate in regular physical activity as well as enjoying the sports entailment’s.


The Head Boy and Head Girl are the link between the students and the Senior Leadership Team of the school. They regularly organise the other Prefects to attend particular activities and report once a fortnight to the Senior Leadership at the strategic planning meeting on current issues, funding raising events and future engagements.


At Birches Head Academy we appoint prefects to undertake various roles and responsibilities.  This is the perfect role for pupils ready to take on additional duties, raise their level of independence and strengthen college applications.

Would you like to become a prefect?

Year 9 and 10 pupils can apply to be a prefect during the summer term.  If you would like to be considered for a prefect role, applications will need to be made in writing to Miss Dixon and Mr Jenkins.

The letter should include:

  • Reasons why you would like to become a prefect
  • Reasons why you would make a good prefect

A Birches Head Academy Prefect is expected to lead by example, and therefore, must:

  • Demonstrate excellent behaviour and follow the Learners’ Code at all times
  • Be kind and considerate to staff and pupils
  • Have an excellent attendance and punctuality record
  • Dress smartly, wearing the correct uniform at all times
  • Be helpful
  • Be reliable

Prefect roles and responsibilities:

  • To meet prospective parents and show them around the school (with staff support)
  • To help your peers with their homework (where appropriate)
  • To remind your peers of appropriate behaviour (where appropriate)
  • To report incidents of poor behaviour to staff on duty
  • To remind your peers about ‘cool down’ time
  • To support new pupils to Birches Head Academy
  • To help staff ensure the school remains tidy
  • To help with Transition events and Parents’ Evening


Representing all year groups within school, our student council meets regularly to discuss a range of issues that affect students throughout their school life.

The council members have all committed to a series of responsibilities which include highlighting areas for improvement, representing the school at a number of events and presenting information to their peers, senior school leaders and the local community. They have also attended a series of training sessions to expand their skills and knowledge within all aspects of student voice.

Student council

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Birches Head Academy has a proud reputation in the local community for leadership through sport. Representatives from years 7 to 11 assist in a number of activities such as primary school events and the annual Youth Sport Trust – Partnership Games. If your son or daughter is interested in becoming a sport leader please see Miss Bloore.

Effective use of Sport leaders

  • To promote the extra-curricular
  • To organise the teams for fixtures ( checking that all have brought consent forms and handed them into staff)
  • To support the deliverance of extra-curricular
  • To check the attendance at extra-curricular, prior to the night ( check who is attending during registration)
  • To engage youngsters from primary school- to support with the deliverance
  • To communicate and work alongside the PE staff to support the functioning of extra-curricular
  • To update fixtures and PE board notices.


Monday Briefing Tuesday- Briefing Wednesday- Dodgeball Thursday- Benchball Friday-  Basketball
 Yr 8 to support  Yr11 to support Yr10 to support


Monday (Netball) Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Year 9 to support with netball  



Monday (Netball) Tuesday Wednesday ( M+D) Thursday ( Football) Friday ( Hockey)
Year 9  Girls to support with netball  



Year 10  Girls Dof E to support with the mother and daughter sessions



Yr 7 Girls and Yr8 Girls to support and promote the practice


Yr 10 boys to support with the YR7 boys football.

Year 9 Girls to support with promoting the club and at practice


Year 9 Boys to support RJ on Rugby