Enrichment Week 6 – 10 March 2017

It has been a busy week at Birches Head, starting on 6 March.

During our Enrichment Week, we have experienced many fascinating workshops, educational visits, events and lessons. A small selection is, a Year 8 Careers Day, a Duke of Edinburgh’s Expedition, Eco Detectives Workshops, The Keele University Stardome, Inspirational Talks by staff, History of the British Armed Forces and visits to Keele University, Gladstone Pottery, Hanley Library, and the London Dance Show. The staff have also delivered Masterclasses in English, Photography, Engineering, Food and Dance.

What a fantastic week of learning activities!

17264802_843200322486831_1507384531576137343_n Off to London

Hanley Library Archives

DSC01748 DSC01751

Enjoying reading at Hanley Library


Gladstone Pottery

DSC01772 DSC01803 DSC01817 DSC01823 DSC01839

Inspirational talks

DSC03301 DSC03302

Careers Lessons

DSC03308 DSC03318 DSC03324 DSC03325 DSC03329 DSC03330

Considering careers in Chocolate


and enjoying eating them


Reflection sessions


History of the British Army

DSC03342 DSC03344

Eco Detectives with Keele Uni

DSC03348 DSC03349 DSC03350 DSC03352 DSC03356 DSC03360 DSC03361 DSC03362

Uniform and Equipment comparison

DSC03363 DSC03368 DSC03370 DSC03371 DSC03377 DSC03380 DSC03391 DSC03395

How to get ahead in your career


Science Day. Keele University Stardome and The Rocket Balloon Challenge

DSC03417 DSC03421 DSC03428

DSC03401 DSC03436

Totally Amazing Science Day, Keele University

IMG_3857 IMG_3866  IMG_3871 IMG_3880

Dance Masterclass with Sixth Form College


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